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Challenges That Can be faced by International Students

Challenges That Can be faced by International Students

Do you know what excites a student the most? The thought of traveling and pursuing a degree abroad. Despite it being the best opportunity to connect with people, explore new places and live independently, moving to a whole different country might give nightmares to some of you. Yet, the challenges international living offers is paid off when you get your degree after the struggle.

However, the tassel will be worth the hassle only when you tackle the problems and come up being stronger than before. And for that, we’ve compiled some of the problems that every individual face while studying abroad.

Language Barrier

education immigration language barriers deal

The most apparent barrier is the way they communicate. You being new to the environment might face difficulty while asking for directions or ordering food. To save yourself from trouble, before traveling to your new destination, complete a language course to excel in speaking. However, no matter how many years you’ve spent learning the language, it will seem foreign to you once you step into the country. Just keep practicing and you’ll be good to go with time.

Be yourself and do not the fear of being judged drain your confidence.

Cultural differences

Cultural differences all over the world

The other major barrier is coming from a different cultural background. While shaking hands in your country might be considered as respect yet your new town does not practice this demeanor. To learn best from, observe the locals and you’ll find yourself emerging with their culture in no time. It is the reality that international students are expected to pick body posters, and cultural signs immediately but you don’t have to stress yourself, you’ll do just fine.


Managing your personal Finances and savings

Be it your earnings or savings, living abroad is not an easy transition. Obviously, a new place calls for exploring your surroundings. Unlike your hometown, many countries do not add the tax to the presented price, it has to be calculated. So, you have to do your conversions to save yourself from spending too much. Not having your family around for financial support may be stressful but with a proper budget setting, you will be good to go.

But all your challenges have their respective solutions. To never be financially unstable, you can start making money online by starting a blog or helping students with their studies. It would be beneficial if you start doing a side business to help yourself with educational as well as living expenses.

Climatic Change

Climatic Change effects on people

Some of you might be coming from warm countries and haven’t experience the cold winter mornings European countries offer. This might be the biggest challenge for an international student as staying healthy is the core of all activities. However, students going abroad are advised to adapt to apparel suitable for the climate they are going to live in.

Your body takes time to get used to the new environment, eat healthily and wear warm clothes to avoid getting sick.


College education students home-sickness

You might want to laugh right now but students do come back just because they were missing their comfort zones. Home-sickness is a feeling which will only go away with time. Being away from your family can lead to stress and distract you from your goal. Don’t let this feeling ruin what you can achieve by staying away from your loved ones. All your family members and friends will be there when you come back but the opportunity you have gotten today might not.

So, don’t let the inner child get the bad out of you. The will of getting the best education should always supersede the former feeling.

Academic Writing

Academic Writing help for students in UK

The challenges stated above were mostly cultural, natural or emotional. However, the toughest among them is academic writing. Initially, international students face difficulty in delivering assignments and projects on the same wavelength as the locals. As challenging as it sounds, students fail to write assignments as per the standard of the institute.

Also, students look for free samples or someone to do their assignments for them. There are several students posting on social media stating, ‘I am willing to pay to write my assignment for me UK’. And if you come across such post, direct them to us. We would be more than happy to help.


Published by Bonita Carter

Bonita Carter is a consultant in the private institution. She also teaches the students about behaviour studies. She is an incredible consultant who people love going to. A small consultancy office has multiple appointments all day. She also trains a bunch of individuals every other week to help them get practical experience regarding human Sciences. She also plans to publish a book on behavioural studies.

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